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Sponsors & Collaborators

The work of the Research is supported by Sponsors and Collaborators.

sloan logo The Institute is appreciative of the generous support that the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation provides for the Center’s Age & Generations Study as well as our newly launched Talent Management Study, as well as other work for the Center in our Global Initiatives.

Other sponsors include:
The MetLife Mature Market Institute for the report, Engaging the Multi-generational Workforce.
The Families and Work Institute for data collection related to employees’ elder care responsibilities.
The Institute’s inaugural publications, 21st Century Age Demographics: Opportunities for Visionary State Leadership, was sponsored by the AARP Massachusetts State Office and the AARP Office of Academic Affairs.
Experience Wave has provided funding for the State Profiles project. Experience Wave is a project supported by The Atlantic Philanthropies that advances federal and state policies that will make it easier for mid-life and older adults to stay engaged in work and community life.
We are grateful for their interest in the Center’s work.