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Project Opportunities

The Center designs and conducts innovative studies in new domains and explores exciting new research questions that can be answered with large public data sets.

In our commitment to solving emergent practitioner issues, we encourage employers to:

  • Explore workplace experiences and strategies in a collaborative learning environment.
  • Accelerate development of practice insights toward individual and organizational action.
  • Advise center researchers on current practice opportunities and challenges.

In an effort to advance solutions for effective organizational practice, the Center offers workshops and tools based on research findings in addition to working with employers to develop innovative workplace-based policies, networks of supportive peers, and strategies for implementing programs.

Our unique approach to employer-engaged research ensures that all of our studies and projects offer real opportunities for cooperation and mutual development among scholars and executives.

For forward thinking employers collaborating on our leading-edge studies, we also provide valuable information about workforces, such as:

  • Summaries of findings conducted with the organization’s employees.
  • Comparisons of organizational findings with full study samples, for example national or specific industry sector.
  • Compilations of emerging ideas from among strategic partners and affiliates.
  • Summaries of academic research relevant to current challenges and dilemmas.
  • Various live and virtual discussions of new trends and practices on the broad theme of quality of employment.

featured projects

Generations of Talent

The Generations of Talent study will gather data from employees at worksites in at least 10 different countries to: provide global workplaces with leading evidence and strategic business tools; and offer experiential learning opportunities for participating worksites.  More »

Age & Generations

The Age & Generations Study is in process and examines similarities and differences in employees’ perceptions of their work across ages/generations, career stages, life stages, and job tenure. More than 2,200 employees ages 17 to 81 participated in the survey, representing nine organizations across the nation from a range of industry sectors.  More »

virtual focus groups

Our Virtual Focus Groups encourage employees to reflectively explore their understanding of the impact of historical events and social trends on their own personal choices, attitudes and beliefs. Examining differences/similarities within/between generations, we highlight how age-related factors can make a difference. Innovatively inter-active, our focus groups provide opportunities for individuals to share rich, and in some cases emotional, personal stories to promote awareness of a number of age-related issues.

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