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Innovative Practices: Today's People, Today's Work

Innovative Practices Case Reports

Each year, the Center collaborates with business leaders to prepare cases which are anchored in innovative practice. These cases highlight employers’ strategic goals and programs that respond to today’s age diversity. We work with the participating employers to select focal areas of strategic value and current interest to businesses.

Our publications are attracting extensive attention from the press, giving sponsoring employers recognition in top-tier media markets. Participating in a study will position your company as being at the forefront of age diversity innovations. Sponsorship will also signal to your employees that your company is committed to optimizing talent management.

Executive Case Reports

Reverse Mentoring at The Hartford: Cross-Generational Transfer of Knowledge About Social Media (May 2013)

A new published report from the Center on Aging & Work in collaboration with the Center for Work & Family, both at Boston College, on The Hartford’s reverse mentoring program revealed a new strategy in corporate success models.

Flex Strategies to Attract, Engage & Retain Older Workers (March 2012)

A new research paper by the Center on Aging & Work at Boston College finds that workplace flexibility initiatives, when properly matched to employee needs can provide strategic benefits to older workers and their employers.

Age: A 21st Century Diversity Imperative (September 2011)

Six companies, private and non-profit, share their challenges with changing workforce demographics as well as their responses in terms of diversity and inclusion strategies.

MetLife Study of Global Health and Wellness (September 2010)

Highlighting practices of four leading, multinational corporations—American Express, CEMEX, GlaxoSmithKline and PPG Industries—this case report focuses on wellness programs at sites in India, Mexico, China, the Philippines, the U.S. and the U.K. As these employers face challenges and opportunities that vary across the globe, such as local culture, local government, employee acceptance, availability of health care vendors and communication with employees, the study looks at the specific steps taken to maximize employee health globally to reach solutions that fit business and employee needs.

Talent Management and The Prism of Age (March 2010)

For this study Deloitte, Fidelity and St. Luke’s Hospital, among others, shared their talent management strategies and programs through the lens of age.

Health & Wellbeing and The Prism of Age (January 2010)

Organizations, including Boston College, Deloitte, Fidelity, GSK, MITRE and St. Luke’s discussed how they were positioning their current health and wellbeing strategies and what role age similarities and differences played in developing these strategies.

sponsorship options

Employers can:

  • sponsor an Organizational Profile and be featured in the publication;
  • support the publication of an Organizational Profile without being featured, or
  • sponsor the Center’s Innovative Practices Database

Your company’s logo will be listed as a sponsor on the publications as well as on the Center’s website. The company’s sponsorship will also be noted on all press releases/announcements about new cases.

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