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UK—Mind the Gap—Employer Perspectives

by Emma Parry

June 2009—The Mind the Gap Employer Perspectives report for the United Kingdom is designed to analyze the human resource practices in the country, and identify areas of deficiency and success. The report examines several dimensions of quality of employment, including: Opportunities for Learning and Advancement; Wellness, Health and Safety Protections; Compensation and Benefits, among others. UK statistics are then compared to countries of comparable development and business practice, such as Australia, Canada, Germany, and the United States.

Our research shows that UK employers offered a greater number of learning and development opportunities compared to the other countries, but reported a “relatively low availability of pay variations.” With regard to workplace flexibility, a comparatively moderate proportion of the UK employers offer these options.

As workforce demographics shift, UK employers are faced with the challenge of meeting human resource needs for a broader range of life-stages and priorities found in their employees. With the information presented in this Mind the Gap report, employers in the United Kingdom can “get ideas about possible HR innovations that have emerged in other countries” as well as examine their own human resource practices in comparison with programs “that are indicators of being employers-of-choice in the United Kingdom.”

By addressing these issues, employers can maintain employee loyalty and engagement, improving overall organizational effectiveness and productivity.

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