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Spain—Mind the Gap—Employer Perspectives

by Marc Grau i Grau & Emma Parry

October 2010—Several key areas in the quality of employment in Spain need improvement, according to a new publication by the Sloan Center on Aging & Work. Particularly notable are the lack of funds by employers committed to training and development. Currently:

  • Spain allows more days on average for training, especially groups like clerical or manual workers, yet Spanish employers spend a low percentage of annual payroll costs on training—just 2.4% (by comparison, Italy and the UK spend 3.5% and Sweden 4%).

Workplaces in Spain also appear to be the least egalitarian between managers and other categories of workers. For example:

  • About 17.9% of Spanish employers reported offering stock options to managers; however
  • Only 5.06% of professional workers and 2.53% of manual workers receive stock options.

In addition, among selected EU nations, employers in Spain have the least (35.7%) use of employee performance assessments as a way to determine organization of work; Italy, by contrast, has the largest (56.6%).

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