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Spain—Mind the Gap—Employee Perspectives

by Marc Grau i Grau

May 2010—Spain is the world’s ninth largest economy, with nominal GDP of US $1.395 trillion. Back in 2005 the perception of job security was around 70%, however, Spain finished 2009 with one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe (18.9%).

Until recently, Spain had one of the highest incidences of fatal accidents at work in Europe—6.3 deaths per 100,000 workers. Currently Spain has reached 2.3 fatal accidents at work per 100,000 workers. However:

  • About 37% of Spanish employees report that they think their health or safety is at risk because of their work, including fully 45% of males.

Among all Spaniards:

  • Spanish women are more satisfied with their wages (49.1%) than men (46.8%);
  • 21.4% reported stress at work;
  • 40% reported they rarely or almost never find their jobs to be intellectually demanding; and
  • Nearly 70% of Spanish employees are likely to work fixed start and finish times, making Spain less flexible than most EU countries.

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