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Mexico—Mind the Gap—Employee Perspectives

by Laura Ruiz Pérez and Ricardo Massa Roldán

August 2010—Out of 134 economies, Mexico is ranked 110 in labor market efficiency, contributing to Mexico’s low growth. Due to the lack of information and access to employment market information, Mexican workers make employment decisions based on informal personal communication with family and friends.

Despite uncertainty in their economy, trends among Mexican employees indicate:

  • Fully 73.6% of older employees are “satisfied” or “fully satisfied” with the financial situation of their household, with yearly earnings of $53,918 MXN,($3,992 USD);
  • However, employment satisfaction among older Mexican workers is relatively lower than any other age group;
  • Older employees (78.1%) either “agree” or “strongly agree” with the idea that talents are developed through employment; and
  • Even though 85.4% of younger workers report work is “very important” in their lives, only 52.5% of them “agree” or “strongly agree” with the idea that work should come first, if it implies less spare time.

Health coverage among older workers also appears to be an issue:

  • Just 12.8% of private sector older employees are registered with the Mexican Social Security Institute for healthcare.
  • Only a quarter of public sector older workers (25.6%) are registered for health care through the Institute for Social Security and Services for State Workers.

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