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Italy—Mind the Gap—Employee Perspectives

by Isabella Blengini

July 2010—In Italy, a country whose economy is highly divided between a developed industrial sector in the north and a less developed agricultural sector in the south, work still tends to be tough, physical, with few opportunities for learning and professional growth.

  • 63% of temporary employees perform physically demanding tasks, compared with 59% of permanent employees.
  • Temporary employees reported more psychological stress (43%) than permanent employees (30%).
  • About 60% of younger employees and 57% of employees at midlife disagree that their jobs give them learning and growing opportunities.

Despite these challenges, Italian employees report feeling “at home” in their workplaces.

  • All age groups agreed that there is a good match between their jobs and their abilities: 79% of older employees, 71% of mid-life employees, and 60% younger employees.
  • All age groups agreed that work life and outside commitments did not conflict: 81% of older employees, 69% of mid-life employees, and 72% of younger employees.

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