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Ireland—Mind the Gap—Employee Perspectives

by Jean McCarthy

October 2010—Overall job satisfaction in Ireland is high and participation in learning of any kind among the Irish population is 7% higher than the EU average.

  • 56.4% of Irish employees report that they are “well paid” for the work they do.
  • 80.6 % of Irish workers feel that work hours fit well with their family and social commitments.
  • Levels of discretion/autonomy for employees in Ireland have been found to increase with age and tenure.


  • Only 2.9% of older workers strongly agreed that their jobs offered good prospects for career advancement, compared to 11.1% who disagreed.
  • While the majority of workers (64.2%) feel they have opportunities to “learn and grow” at work, older employees (aged 55-64) participation in on-the-job training and life long learning is lower than among any other age group—37.5% in age 55+, compared to 48.8% on average in all other cohorts.

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