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Greece—Mind the Gap—Employee Perspectives

by Rea Prouska

September 2010—The employment experience in Greece is tempered by health concerns, stress, and dissatisfaction. With 10.6% unemployment rate currently present in Greece, 25.8% of which are highly educated young workers, it is no wonder that 42.2% of Greek workers disagreed/strongly disagreed that their jobs offered good prospects for career advancement.

Overall, Greek employers invest comparatively little in developing talent. The level of employee training in Greece is barely 20%, compared to 50% in northern European countries.

Findings also indicate additional workplace concerns:

  • Around two thirds of Greek workers reported that their work affected their health;
  • A majority of younger employees (22%), middle-aged employees (27.1%) and older workers (12.5%) agreed/strongly agreed that they found their work too demanding and stressful; and
  • Fully one quarter of workers aged 50+ in Greece work more than 40 hours/week (compared to just 14.1% of employees aged 35-49, and 10% of employees aged 35 and under).

Despite stresses and uncertainties, the majority of greek employees still do not find their work boring: just 10% of older workers disagreed/strongly disagreed that their work was dull or boring, in comparison to 21.8% of younger and 25.6% of middle-aged workers.

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