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France—Mind the Gap—Employee Perspectives

by Shanyuan Foo & Ariane Ollier-Malaterre

May 2010—Older employees in France appear to have a greater sense of job security compared to all other age groups.

  • Older workers reported being more able to decide when to take holidays (35.3%) or days off (35.7%) than workers in other age groups.
  • More older workers reported having enough time to get their job done (54.8%) than middle aged employees (43.0%) and younger employees (45.3%).

However, older workers face more difficulties in getting support and help at work from fellow colleagues. In addition:

  • Nearly 60% of older employees disagreed that their jobs offered them good career prospects.
  • Older employees were most likely to strongly disagree that their jobs provide them with learning and growth opportunities (21.9%).

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