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Australia—Mind the Gap—Employer Perspectives

by Joanne Goodall and Philip Taylor

November 2009—The Mind the Gap—Australia: Employer Perspective from the Global Perspectives Institute's series analyzes the workplace and economic conditions from the vantage point of Australian employers. A very high percentage (96.5%) of employers in have implemented some form of engagement activities for their employees, according to this report from the Sloan Center of Aging & Work at Boston College. The most common of these workplace initiatives are flexible work schedules and financial incentives, and among the flexible work options, family and caregiver’s leave and part-time work are most prevalent. In the event of terminations, Australian employers often are required to provide severance pay and may be obliged to give the employee up to four weeks’ notice.

The Center’s Mind the Gap papers explore the dimension of quality of employment in various countries and aim to remind employers to pay attention to any gaps that might exist between employees’ priorities and needs and employers’ allocation of workplace-based resources.

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