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Age Management Positions of French Employers—Global Issue Brief

by Melanie Burlet

March 2009—The Diverse Positions of French Employers on Age Management examines the aging population in the French workforce, and the steps employers are taking, or could take to accomodate these changes. The brief investigates the importance of this issue in French society and proposes ways for employers to better address age management.

The Issue Brief presents the findings of the 2005-2006 ANACT 10,000 company survey. The survey showed that there is a split among French managers concerning the issue of age management, “47% of 10,000 managers state that they have identified age management issues,” while 53% of managers have not.

The ANACT study has made it possible to identify areas of focus for addressing age management issues, and to create tools for employers to address these areas. The issue brief suggests for a broader spectrum of age-related workforce issue to be effectively addressed by making more managers and employers aware of the issues at hand. Age management is a complex problem that “requires an exploration of several sets of problems and the use of several techniques.” In order to develop effective age management in the workplace, employers should: develop demographic approaches by job type, adopt a systematic approach towards working conditions and deal with all stages of professional life.

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