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Business Strategies for the Age-diverse Workforce—Fact Sheet

compiled by Betty Cohen


March 2013—Business leaders recognize that older workers will make up a larger share of their workforce in the future and that this change in workforce demographics will present business opportunities and challenges. Workers of different generational groups vary in their goals and expectations in regard to career planning, job tenure, and benefits. Many organizations are unprepared to respond to these trends, while others are developing strategies and taking steps to address age diversity in their organizations.

Facts include:

  • “Nearly one in three (31%) firms expects to have a significantly higher proportion of older workers (65+) within the next five years.”
  • 16% of companies mentioned redefinement of the retirement age as a priority issue in their diversity and inclusion efforts; 22% foresee this as a concern 3 years from now.
  • 50% of employers report that they are offering flexible or customized work schedules to retain older employees, while 45% report that they offer such schedules to attract younger employees.

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