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Recruitment and Retention of Older Workers—Fact Sheet

compiled by Betty Cohen

January 2009—The Sloan Center on Aging and Work's Recruitment and Retention of Older Workers Fact Sheet presents data gathered on the topic of older workers’ roles in the modern workplace. Data show the extent to which employers actively seek to hire and retain late-career workers, those past retirement age as well as those previously retired. The data also convey companies’ conflicting attitudes in their relations to older workers; as they try to adjust to the changing workforce population companies develop different strategies for adjusting their hiring practices.

Of particular note is, while more than half of employers have taken steps to recruit workers of diverse ages, 25% of those surveyed by the Center for Aging and Work in The National Study Report (2007) say that it is “true”/ “very true” that their organizations are reluctant to hire older worker. Research also illustrates that recruiting from diverse age ranges ranks with recruiting equality among gender and ethnicity in employer priority. The data establish that the aging of the workforce makes retention and recruitment of older workers increasingly important in the business world. However, the tools for recruitment and retention this demographic and the strategies for their implementation are still being refined by employers.

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