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Brazil—Country Workforce Profile

by Camila Veneo Campos Fonseca, Luisa de Azevedo & Adriana Fontes

July 2010—Brazil is the largest country in South America and the fifth largest in the world. Today, Brazil ranks among the ten richest nations of the world by GDP and has maintained the lowest external debt as a percentage of GDP, compared to other regional countries. A testament to the strength of Brazil's economy is that, despite the economic crisis, Brazil's GDP showed continued growth through 2007-2008 while other regional countries' GDP declined.

Specific workforce characteristics include:

  • The employment rate among persons aged 15-64 is 79.7% for men. The Brazilian employment rate for women—55.9%—is more than 10.0% higher than the employment rates for women in Chile and Mexico.
  • The growth rate for the oldest economically active age groups tend to be higher, indicating the aging of the Brazilian population.
  • The life expectancy at birth for the Brazilian population in 2007 was 70 years for men and 76 years for women, which is less than other regionally comparative countries such as Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Mexico.

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