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Spain—Country Workforce Profile

by Marc Grau i Grau

January 2010—In 2008, the median age for the Spanish population was 39.7 years for men and 42.5 years for women.

Findings include:

  • Life expectancy is 76 years for men and 83 years for women.
  • Older workers are also less likely than their younger counterparts to be wage and salaried employees who work for someone else (74% vs. 83%).

59.8% of the total population is in the labor force. This includes persons age 16 and above.

  • The “economically active” population in Spain is projected to increase from 22 million in 2007 to 23 million by 2020. (Economically active are persons, male and female, who furnish the supply of labor for the production of goods and services during a specified time reference period).

As of September 2009, the unemployment rate in Spain is 19.3%.

  • Spain has one of the lowest rates of employment for women (54.9%) ages 15-64.
  • The employment rate for men in the same age group was 73.5%.

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