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Singapore—Country Workforce Profile

by Shanyuan Foo

July 2009—The Country Workforce Profile 9: Singapore presents information essential to companies seeking to become or remain employers-of-choice in Singapore.

After more than 100 years of British colonial rule, Singapore achieved independence in 1963. It finally became an independent nation in 1965, and has since been developing an export-dependent, global economy. The population contains large groups of Chinese, Malays, Tamils and Indians, all of whom are taught both English and their individual mother tongues in school, making for a varied and complex demographic set.

The economy of Singapore, being heavily dependent on the global marketplace, has faced changes due to recent global shifts. The Singaporean GDP has grown at an average rate of 7% between 2004 and 2007, however the projected growth for 2009 has sunk between -6.0 and -9.0%.

The report is a part of a larger database on the Singapore found in the Global Perspectives Institute in the website for the Center for Aging and Work. It is a compilation of “statistics that can guide decision making in the workplace,” set up for the benefit of employers seeking to enter to Singaporean marketplace.

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