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China—Country Workforce Profile

compiled by Qingwen Xu and Farooq Pasha

November 2008—The Chinese Statistical Country Profile collates statistics since the development of the country’s socialist economy in 1949.

Today, China is the fastest growing economy in the world with the fourth largest nominal GDP. Since 1978 China’s economy has changed dramatically, expanding private enterprise from 1% to account for 70% of the current national output. And the economic structure of the country continues to change as China has the world’s second largest research and development budget, second only to the U.S. This profile highlights China’s economy and workforce with regard to its own demographics and in comparison to other East Asian countries. The country profile for the People’s Republic of China is part of a larger effort by the Global Perspectives Institute in the Center of Aging and Work to provide a better understanding of employee experiences in a global market to employers around the world.

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