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Three Things Employers Need To Know About: Intergenerational Relations — Quick Insight 12

December 2016— Although some employers are concerned about the potential for generational conflict in the workplace, evidence suggests that these fears are overestimated. Employers can readily support positive intergenerational relations in the workplace using a range of policies and practices. Many of these policies and practices overlap with other areas, such as training and development.

Three Things Employers Need To Know About: Compensation and Benefits For 50+ Workers — Quick Insight 11

December 2016— Employers know that competitive compensation and benefits are a key factor in helping them attract, engage, and retain the best talent, but there is less agreement about the best mix of these factors for the retainment of older members in a multigenerational workforce.

Three Things Employers Need To Know About: Training and Development For Workers 50+ — Quick Insight 10

October 2016— Employers can provide employees with training and development opportunities via a wide range of policies and practices, including on-the-job training, job transfers and rotations, coaching and mentoring, and planning.

Three Things Employers Need To Know About: Options for Continued Work or Retirement For Workers 50+ — Quick Insight 9

October 2016— There are a wide range of employer policies and practices that support employees whether they decide to retire or continue working.

Three Things Employers Need To Know About: Flexible Work Options For Workers 50+ — Quick Insight 8

March 2106—You can provide employees with workplace flexibility via a wide range of policies and practices, including where they work, when they work, how much they work, and the chance to take career breaks and leaves.

Phased Retirement: Employee and Employer Perspectives — Fact Sheet

August 2014—The majority of current workers of all ages view retirement as a gradual process and regard opportunities for phased retirement as important or very important.

Health and Wellness Programs in the Workplace — Fact Sheet

July 2014—The findings of recent national surveys on employer-sponsored wellness programs show that 50-80% of employers offer some type of workplace wellness programs.

Insights Into Time & Place Management — Quick Insight 7 | TPM

June 2014—How do the effects of Human Resource Management (HRM) practices differ by age and gender? And, how do the effects of Time & Place Management (TPM) policies compare with those of other HRM policies?

Insights Into Time & Place Management — Quick Insight 6 | TPM

May 2014—Does the influence of Time & Place Management (TPM) policies differ by worker family care responsibilities?

Insights Into Time & Place Management — Quick Insight 5 | TPM

April 2014—Does the influence of Time & Place Management (TPM) policies on job performance differ by worker age?

Insights Into Time & Place Management — Quick Insight 4 | TPM

March 2014—Health is a critical issue for the aging workforce, in part because age is correlated with the onset and worsening of some health conditions. Can TPM policies help older workers in poor health maintain their levels of work engagement?

Health and the Older Worker — Fact Sheet

February 2014—While many older workers rate their health status as good to excellent, many also report that they have chronic conditions that affect well-being.

Been a Long Time Coming: Social Entrepreneurship in Later Life—Issue Brief

January 2014— (formerly Civic Ventures) took a bold step and began public conversations that challenged assumptions about the experience of aging and the productive capacities of older adults.

Occasional Flexibility: Small Request; Big Impact—Issue Brief

November 2013—In 2012, the Copenhagen Consensus Center organized a panel of leading economists to list in order of priority the most cost-effective ways to advance global welfare.

Older Women in the Workforce — Fact Sheet

October 2013—More older women are in the workforce than ever before.

What Do Managers Really Think about Flexibility?—Issue Brief

September 2013—Descriptive findings from a study conducted in collaboration with a large employer in the finance and insurance super-sector

Retirement Prospects for the Racially and Ethnically Diverse Older Adult Labor Force — Fact Sheet

July 2013—The older adult labor force is racially and ethnically diverse; about one quarter of workers aged 50-64 are African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, both native- and foreign-born.

Supervisor Supportiveness: Global Perspectives — Quick Insights

June 2013—Supportive supervisors care about employees’ career goals, give credit for work well done, and help employees develop job-relevant skills and competencies. A supervisor like this can make all the difference in employees’ everyday work experiences.

Reverse Mentoring Project Results in Corporate Career Development Success Model; Multi-Generational Employee Transfer of Knowledge About Social Media

May 2013— A new published report from the Sloan Center on Aging & Work in collaboration with the Center for Work & Family, both at Boston College, on The Hartford's reverse mentoring program revealed a new strategy in corporate success models.

Schedule Flexibility in the Workplace—a Pair of Fact Sheets

April 2013—Several recent surveys show that the availability of many flexible scheduling options has increased in recent years.

Business Strategies for the Age-diverse Workforce—Fact Sheet

March 2013—Business leaders recognize that older workers will make up a larger share of their workforce in the future.

Flexibility at Work: Employee Perceptions — Quick Insights

February 2013—Workplace flexibility is no longer just an innovative policy option for managing employees

Encore Careers and Bridge Jobs—Fact Sheet

December 2012—Many adults would like to delay retirement, while others who retire prematurely for various reasons.

A Woman's Place? A Cross National Exploration of Gender Role Perspectives — Quick Insights

November 2012—A Cross-National Exploration of Gender Role Perspectives

Aging Today: Working Longer, Retiring Later – Fact Sheet

September 2012—Labor force participation among older adults has increased, compared to earlier times.

Through a Different Looking Glass: The Prism of Age

August 2012—A new research brief by the Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College finds that employers need a way to think about the different aspects of the aging experience ... more »

Workplace Action Steps for Leveraging Mature Talent: Findings from the Talent Management Study

July 2012—The analysis draws a direct link between employers’ lack of prior human resources planning and today’s skills shortage.

Aging Today: Some Questions About Health – Fact Sheet

June 2012—Older adults today will live longer than those of previous generations, and a greater proportion of older adults rate their overall health status as good to excellent.

Aging Today: Family Caregiving & the Older Worker – Fact Sheet

May 2012—Some find that they need to cut back on their hours or or retire prematurely in order to provide caregiving

Aging Today: Educational Attainment – Fact Sheet

April 2012—Higher educational status provides older workers with greater employability and flexibility.

Flex Strategies to Attract, Engage & Retain Older Workers—Executive Case Report

March 2012—A new research paper by the Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College finds that workplace flexibility initiatives, when properly matched to employee needs can provide strategic benefits to older workers and their employers.

Insights on Activity in Later Life from the Life & Times in an Aging Society Study—Engaged as We Age

January 2012—New report finds older adults' well-being tied to active engagement

Flexible Thinking & Flexible Options—Generations of Talent Study

December 2011—New report examines the effects of flexible practices and flexible thinking on employee outcomes

Effects of “Old-Developed” versus “Young-Developing” Country Type and Age-Related Factors on Work Engagement, Job Satisfaction, & Organizational Commitment—Generations of Talent Study

December 2011—To gather information from a global perspective about the work experiences of employees of diverse ages, the Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College conducted a study titled “Generations of Talent” (GOT)

Age: A 21st Century Diversity Imperative—Executive Case Report

September 2011—The case study provides the first systemic look at age diversity in the American workplace and includes in-depth interviews with human resource managers and business case summaries of age-related diversity strategies.

Mexico—Mind the Gap—Employer Perspectives

January 2011—Decreasing salary gap and increased engagement in Mexican industry sectors

Nigeria—Public Policy

January 2011—Workplace equity, literacy and poverty challenge Nigerian government

Mexico—Public Policy

January 2011—Mexico in need of pension system to cover half of population by 2050

Brazil—Mind the Gap—Employer Perspectives

December 2010—Supplemental benefits from employers assist Brazilian workers with food, housing, education

Germany—Public Policy

December 2010—Creating opportunities for older worker re-integration into the labor force

Brazil—Public Policy

December 2010—Employment opportunities for vulnerable youth a priority of Brazillian government

The Netherlands—Country Workforce Profile

November 2010—For Dutch, fewer work hours + more family time = less misery

The New Unemployables—Issue Brief

November 2010—Low optimism, financial strain and sacrifice characteristic of older job seekers

Talent Pressures and the Aging Workforce: Transportation & Warehousing Sector

November 2010—Recruiting for basic skills and anticipating staffing needs challenging for US transportation and warehousing

Spain—Mind the Gap—Employer Perspectives

October 2010—Contradictions in Spanish business

Ireland—Mind the Gap—Employer Perspectives

October 2010—Irish combat significant pressures of labor costs with employee development

Talent Pressures and the Aging Workforce: Wholesale Sector

October 2010—Wholesale trade survival could hinge on job redesign

Ireland—Mind the Gap—Employee Perspectives

October 2010—Flexicurity central to Danish economic success

Denmark—Public Policy

October 2010—Flexicurity central to Danish economic success

MetLife Study of Global Health and Wellness—Executive Case Reports

September 2010—Highlighting practices of four leading, multinational corporations—American Express, CEMEX, GlaxoSmithKline and PPG Industries.

Racial & Ethnic Diversity in the US Older Adult Labor Force—Fact Sheet

September 2010—Access to benefits, impact of recession vary by ethnicity

Brazil—Mind the Gap—Employee Perspectives

September 2010—Low educated Brazilians caught between exclusion and an unregulated, informal economy

Greece—Mind the Gap—Employee Perspectives

September 2010—Greek employees stressed and dissatisfied with pay ... but not bored

Talent Pressures and the Aging Workforce: Finance & Insurance Sector

August 2010—Finance Sector Better Prepared than Most for Aging Workforce

Part-Time Work: Flexible Option or Underemployment—Fact Sheet

August 2010—Older workers desire choice, but need more income

Talent Pressures and the Aging Workforce: Prof/Sci/Tech Services

August 2010—Professionals flexed and satisfied, but vulnerable

Mexico—Mind the Gap—Employee Perspectives

August 2010—Mexican workers relatively satisfied amidst country's low productivity

Ireland—Public Policy

August 2010—Strategies for combating the Celtic Tiger's agism

Italy—Mind the Gap—Employee Perspectives

July 2010—Italians find work physically demanding, stressful, yet a good match

Talent Pressures and the Aging Workforce: Construction Sector

July 2010—Flexibility ubiquitous, work-family conflict infrequent in US construction

Brazil—Country Workforce Profile

July 2010—Economic growth in Brazil offers more opportunity for women

Nigeria—Country Workforce Profile

July 2010—Oil export revenues overshadow Nigerian gender workforce inequalities

Talent Pressures and the Aging Workforce: Accommodation and Food Services Sector

June 2010—Low skills, little training, unwanted turnover hallmarks of US accommodation and food services sector

Talent Pressures and the Aging Workforce: Retail Trade Sector

June 2010—Fewer career development opportunities bode poorly for US retail sector

Talent Pressures and the Aging Workforce: Health Care & Social Assistance Sector

June 2010—Diminished talent resources could have large implications for health care delivery

Talent Pressures and the Aging Workforce: Manufacturing Sector

June 2010—More hardship ahead for US manufacturing

Italy—Public Policy

May 2010—Outflow of Intellectuals Limits Italian Talent Prospects

France—Mind the Gap—Employee Perspectives

May 2010—More Leisure, Less Opportunity for Older French Workers

Spain—Mind the Gap—Employee Perspectives

May 2010—Flexibility, Safety, Stress Are Issues for Spanish

South Africa—Public Policy

May 2010—South Africa's Informal Economy Poses Dangerous Challenge

India—Public Policy

April 2010—Child labor in India fueled by demands from informal sectors

UK—Mind the Gap—Employee Perspectives

April 2010—Young UK employees focus on earning, staying employed.  Older UK employees focus on contributing

Talent Management and The Prism of Age—Executive Case Reports

March 2010—For this study Deloitte, Fidelity and St. Luke’s Hospital, among others, shared their talent management strategies and programs through the lens of age.

Mexico—Country Workforce Profile

March 2010—Mexican men employed, but not women or older adults

Sweden—Public Policy

March 2010—High Employment, Unionization under Swedish Model

Ireland—Country Workforce Profile

March 2010—More Irish working part-time, dying sooner than EU counterparts

Engaged as We Age—Issue Brief

February 2010—The End of "Retirement" as We Know It?

Entrepreneurship and the Older Worker—Fact Sheet

February 2010—Workers aged 50+ more likely to be self-employed

Trends in Volunteerism Among Older Adults—Fact Sheet

January 2010—Professional Skill Contribution and Flexible Schedules Key to Boomer Volunteering

The UK—Country Workforce Profile

January 2010—Mix of High Growth and Job Vacancies Mark UK Economy

China—Public Policy

January 2010—Changes in Labor Laws Empower Employees, Protect Worker's Rights

Spain—Country Workforce Profile

January 2010—Spanish Women Living Longer But Not Working

Denmark—Mind the Gap—Employer Perspectives

January 2010—Danish employers lead Europe in worker health benefits

The UK—Public Policy

January 2010—Light Touch to Regulation Aims to Promote Employer-Employee Partnerships

South Korea—Public Policy

December 2009—South Korea Faces Dual Pressures of Aging Population

Sweden—Country Workforce Profile

December 2009—Gender Equality Serious Focus of Swedish Employers

France—Country Workforce Profile

December 2009—Freedom, Equality and Fraternity Key Values in France's Welfare State

United States—Public Policy

November 2009—Legislation emphasizes employee rights, minimizes age discrimination

Australia—Country Workforce Profile

November 2009—Australian unemployment low despite global economic crisis

Denmark—Mind the Gap—Employee Perspectives

November 2009—High compensation, low career advancement for Denmark's workers

Australia—Mind the Gap—Employer Perspectives

November 2009—90% of Australian workforces employ policies to ensure no discrimination

Older Workers' Preferences for Work and Employment—Fact Sheet

October 2009—Financial security prompts older workers to consider working indefinitely

Multigenerational Unemployment and the Economic Crisis—Fact Sheet

October 2009—Youngest workers hit hardest by crisis, re-employment harder for older cohorts

Singapore—Global Policy Brief

October 2009—Aging workforce forces change in Singapore—work-life policies promoted

The Pressures of Talent Management—Issue Brief

October 2009—US Companies Unprepared for Baby Boom Exodus

Kenya—Country Workforce Profile

September 2009—Kenya's struggles with 40% unemployment, life expectancy of 53

Singapore—Mind the Gap—Employer Perspectives

September 2009—Shrinking, aging workforce imminent complication for Singapore

India—Country Workforce Profile

September 2009—Agriculture sets India on precarious balance—1/2 labor force but only 1/6 GDP

Retirement and the Economic Crisis

August 2009—27% of adults 55-64 have postponed plans to retire

South Africa—Country Workforce Profile

August 2009—Struggling South Africa impaired by shocking unemployment of 23%

Denmark—Country Workforce Profile

August 2009—Denmark mix of odd lows—unemployment, self-employment,  life expectancy

Singapore—Country Workforce Profile

July 2009—Overdepency on global market hits Singapore's economy hard

Japan—Public Policy Brief

 July 2009—Japanese policies encourage employers to make room for older workers 

Educational Training in the Multi-generational Workforce—Fact Sheet

July 2009—Late-career employees left out of opportunities for job training

Attitudes Toward Workers of Different Career Stages–Displacement Trends—State Issue Brief

July 2009—Older workers viewed as loyal to company, resistant to change

UK—Mind the Gap—Employer Perspectives

June 2009—UK employers—ahead on growth opportunities- adjust practices for older workers

Minding the Gap—South Korea Employer Perspectives

June 2009—Quality of Employment depends on more than pay for South Korean Employees

State Agencies—Flexible Work Options—State Issue Brief

 June 2009—Employees value flexible work options, even if not utilized

Armenia—Country Workforce Profile

June 2009—Armenian unemployment measured at 27%

The Effect of the Economic Crisis on Worker Employment Experience—Issue Brief

June 2009—Downturn effects job security, employee engagement, work overload

Comparing the Priorities of State Agencies and the Private Sector— States Issue Brief

June 2009—Comparing the Priorities of State Agencies and the Private Sector

Health Behaviors and Costs in Multi-generational Workforce—Fact Sheet

June 2009—Employee health management increasingly important to employers

China Employee Perspectives—Mind the Gap

May 2009—Older Chinese workers value respect, younger employees value meaningful work

Part-Time or Reduced-Hour Work Legislation—Comparative Policy Summary

April 2009—21 countries show variations in treatment of part-time employees

Age Management Positions of French Employers—Global Issue Brief

March 2009—French employers divided over age management issue

When is Too Young or Too Old to Work—Global Issue Brief

March 2009—How "old" you are depends on your gender and nationality

States as Employers-of-Choice—State Research Highlight

March 2009—Public workforce aging more quickly than private workforce

Engaging the Multi-Generational Workforce—Issue Brief

March 2009—Workplace flexibility contributes to workplace effectiveness and employee satisfaction.

Older Women in the Workforce—Fact Sheet

March 2009—Older female employees have lower household income than male counterparts

Understanding Workplace Experiences—Research Highlight

March 2009—Generation, career tenure define employee workplace experience

Recruitment and Retention of Older Workers—Fact Sheet

January 2009—25% of organizations reluctant to hire older workers

Workplace Flexibility—Issue Brief

January 2009—Business success keeps fit with flexibility

Time Use Across the Lifecourse—Issue Brief

November 2008—Studies show that employees seldom work at work.

China—Country Workforce Profile

November 2008—Unprecedented economic growth in the Chinese communist economy

Citisales studies Older Workers—Research Highlight

November 2008—Older workers more engaged, more diverse, than younger cohorts

South Korea—Country Workforce Profile

October 2008—Life expectancy, employment rates and economic development in South Korea

State Leadership for Older Workers—State Profile Comparisons

October 2008—Facts Not Equal to Reality—Older Workers Need State Support for Employment, Retirement

Older and Out of Work–Assistance—Issue Brief

October 2008—Few resources available to out-of-work older adults

Older and Out of Work–Displacement Trends—Issue Brief

September 2008—Older Worker Options Limited by Current Economy

Self-Employment as a Step in the Retirement Process—Issue Brief

September 2008—Self-Employed Workers Stay in Workforce Longer

Rights to Alternative Work Arrangements—Global Policy Summary

August 2008—Alternative work opportunities limited in the US, comparatively

State Unemployment Rates by Age—State Fact Sheet

June 2008—Public sector focuses on marketing for staffing, private on marketing products

Injury and Productivity—Fact Sheet

April 2008—Relationship Between Age and Injury Rates Debatable

Health and Productivity—Fact Sheet

April 2008—Older Adults Have More Workplace Limitations- Lose Productivity

Interlocking Careers of Older Workers and their Children—Issue Brief

April 2008—Intergenerational Resource Transfer Challenges Employers, Social Policy