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How to Claim Social Security Without Shortchanging Your Spouse — Money

19 August 2014—Philip Moeller, Center's research fellow, shared his opinion on how claiming Social Security affects your family benefits in Money.

Deciding when to take Social Security can have a big impact on your family's income. Here's what you need to know. Here’s How to Avoid Making a Huge Social Security Mistake

When it comes to claiming Social Security, millions of people make this huge mistake: overlooking the impact on their family’s income. More

Many people don’t realize that Social Security pays a host of benefits beyond your individual retirement income. The program may also pay so-called auxiliary benefits to your spouse, your children and even your parents. A separate program may provide auxiliary benefits if you become disabled, and, in some cases, if you are divorced or if you have passed away. The amount of these benefits is tied to your earnings record—the wages you’ve earned over a lifetime during which you’ve forked over Social Security payroll taxes—and your decision on when to file your claim.   Read Moeller's article »