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The Sloan Center on Aging & Work Announces CVS Caremark Corporate Sponsorship

The Sloan Center on Aging & Work is pleased to announce CVS Caremark as the corporate sponsor of the 2013-2014 Fact of the Week.

The Fact of the Week is the Sloan Center on Aging & Work's premier information outreach tool. Every Monday, we feature a fact inviting readers to think more deeply about aging and work. Each fact is carefully selected through high quality research to help raise awareness of the importance of a range of topics related to aging and work that are relevant to today's multi-generational workforce.

CVS Caremark is a pharmacy innovation company helping people on their path to better health. It is the largest pharmacy health care provider in the United States with integrated offerings across the entire spectrum of pharmacy care. Over the past two decades, CVS Caremark has actively increased the number of colleagues who are 50 or older through their mature worker programs and partnerships with organizations such as the American Society on Aging, AARP, International Association of Jewish Vocational Services, National Caucus & Center on Black Aged, and the National Council on Aging.

Our thanks to CVS Caremark for their generous support of the Fact of the Week.