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Stephen Sweet's New Book 'The Work-family Interface: An Introduction' Released

by stephen sweet

The Work-Family Interface: An Introduction (Sage 2014) combines contemporary scholarship, personal stories, and insights from leading researchers to illuminate the multifaceted concerns that connect home to work. While focused on the especially pronounced challenges that exist in the United States, The Work-Family Interface uses international comparisons to reveal the promises (and sometimes pitfalls) of social policies adopted elsewhere, as well as to show how work-family issues are integral to the functioning of the global economy.

While numerous academic books and articles examine how jobs and home life intersect, this book is unique in its succinct overview of the origins of work-family concerns, the diversities of needs and experiences, the impacts of tensions on the family front, the consequences of tensions for employers, and policies that can make meaningful differences.

Written to make work-family scholarship accessible and practical, The Work-Family Interface is intended to help business leaders understand the case for flexible work, for political leaders to present the case for legislative reform, and for general readerships to invest in initiatives that can enhance work-family harmonization.

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