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Sloan Center researchers receive the Larry R. Klein Award

Sloan Center researchers, Kevin Cahill, Michael Giandrea and Joseph Quinn received the Larry R. Klein Award for the best article during 2011 in the Monthly Labor Review in the category of joint BLS and non-BLS authors.

The article "Reentering the labor force after retirement” uses data from the longitudinal Health and Retirement Study indicating that approximately 15 percent of older Americans with career jobs returned to the labor force after having retired; respondents were more likely to reenter the workforce if they were younger, were in better health, or had a defined-contribution pension plan.

Each year since 1969, the Lawrence R. Klein Award has honored the best articles appearing in the Monthly Labor Review. The award was established in honor of Lawrence R. Klein, who retired in 1968 after 22 years as editor-in-chief of the Review and established a fund to encourage articles that (1) exhibit originality of ideas, methods, or analysis, (2) adhere to the principles of scientific inquiry, and (3) are well written.