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Hartford Foundation Awards Tina Matz-Costa $100,000 to Expand on the Work of the Center's Engaged as We Age Research Team

10 April 2012—Tina Matz-Costa, Senior Research Associate at the Center and Assistant Professor in the Graduate School of Social Work at Boston College was recently awarded a $100,000 grant through the Hartford Faculty Scholars Program of the John A. Hartford Foundation to conduct a study that expands on the work of the Center's Engaged as We Age research team. The goal of the study is to understand the experience of psychological engagement among a sample of relatively healthy adults aged 65 to 79 who are known to be participating in the productive roles of paid work, formal volunteer work, caregiving, and/or education, as well as a group who is not participating in any of these activities to a significant extent. This study will use iPad technology to employ the Experience Sampling Method (ESM), which permits the assessment of fluctuations in engagement over the course of a day or week, and allows for the rigorous measurement of engagement using Rasch Model analysis. The study will begin in September of this year.