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Sloan Center Launches Innovative Practices Database Prototype

Thanks to our sponsors, Innovative Practices Database Sponsors
this innovative practices database is now available!

We are eager to connect with employers who appreciate the potential of this innovative tool. Join us as partners and sponsors as we move to the next stage of adding new features and expanding the number of cases.

We hope that you share Marriott's excitement over our database:

  "As we continue to focus efforts on both multigenerational issues and those related to our aging workforce initiatives, we are so pleased to have access to the many resources available via the Innovative Practices Database. We often reach out to colleagues in other organizations to see if they've encountered a particular situation and how they resolved it - to have this information readily available in a database is a great benefit. I am eager to see the database put into use and watch it grow." Betsy Kiss, Senior Director, Workforce Effectiveness & Diversity Department, Marriott International.

The searchable database houses 26 summaries of innovative practices from industry sectors such as health care, pharmaceutical, financial services, education and manufacturing. If you're interested in reading about the business challenges, innovative strategies and competitive solutions associated with multi-generational workforce issues, we invite you to visit us at:

Share with us your ideas for enhancing the database.

Interested in sponsoring the Innovative Practices Database?

Have examples of your own innovative practices? We would be pleased to feature your organization in our database.

Please Contact:
Samantha Greenfield
Employer Engagement Specialist, Sloan Center on Aging & Work
Phone: 617-552-9117

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