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WEBINAR: Hallmarks of Innovative Practices of the Aging Workforce


  • Samantha Greenfield, Employer Engagement Specialist
  • Kim Lee DeAngelis, Research Associate


  • January 23, 2012 1:00 - 2:00 pm

webinar overview

How are top companies acting on predictions and trends, and leveraging internal work life efforts to transform the workplace? In October, the Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College released a research and Case Study project titled, "Age: A 21stCentury Diversity Imperative" to answer basic questions about age diversity:

  • How are leading employers making decisions about age diversity?
  • What are the business drivers that are influencing their decisions?
  • What are some examples of promising practices (i.e., best practices) that are being developed by employers?

This winter we are continuing our research into promising practices that address the needs of older workers and business. Our newest case study, Flexibility and the Older Worker, seeks to answer questions about workplace flexibility and the older worker including:

  • Do organizations incorporate age into their flexibility strategies?
  • What business drivers are influencing employer's decisions about flexibility and older workers?
  • What challenges have employers faced in launching promising practices?

In this webinar, we will share findings from research and multigenerational case studies with leading organizations in various industries, and reveal the transformational strategies and efforts being leveraged as a result. We will share the employer's approaches so you can transform your own policies to support the changing needs of your older employees.