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Amidst High National Unemployment, Plenty of Jobs In Healthcare

24 August 2010—In an economy that's losing jobs, the health care sector "is one of those rare places where one can find not only work, but also some very attractive jobs," comments Stephen Sweet, Center Researcher and co-author of Talent Pressures and the Aging Workforce: Health Care & Social Assistance Sector. "In fact, we should expect to see growth over the next several years."

In a recent interview with WHCU, Sweet discussed that, as the population ages, the amount of health care work to be done is going to expand. And this will only be exacerbated because workers already in the industry are aging as well. Indeed, currently 1 in 5 healthcare workers is over the age of 55. In the coming decade, the industry is likely to experience a high degree of turnover.

Currently employers report skill shortages in virtually all areas. Of particular need are:

  • management skills;
  • sales/marketing skills;
  • legal skills;
  • operations skills; and
  • technical computer skills.

Jobs likely to become in more demand range from health aids, which pay relatively little, to nursing and healthcare administration positions, which pay very well.

"In addition," says Sweet, "most of these jobs are very satisfying. Workers in this sector take a tremendous amount of pride in their work, more so than in other sectors. They take great pleasure in helping other people, and the jobs themselves tend to be more flexible than in other sectors of the economy."

Listen to podcast of the interview here »