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Older Workers Need Flexibility, Training, But Often Fail to Get It

30 July 2009—"For years, labor experts have been talking about what needs to be done to accommodate an aging labor force, including flexible schedules, technology to make work easier and retraining programs," writes Eve Tahmincioglu for MSNBC. "But most companies, experts say, are still woefully unprepared even as the work force turns increasingly gray."

In situations where workers' needs and desires are not being met by their employers, they can choose to leave a profession altogether and find something new. Many older workers, however, may find it hard, if not impossible, to truly reinvent themselves.

“Most people continue to do the kind of things they have always been interested in,” says Jacquelyn Boone James, co-director of research at The Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College. “Some people are finding bridge jobs, doing something similar to what they did before but less demanding or for less time.”

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