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State Employment Aged 55+ with College Degree

10 March 2009—Education and training continues to be the cornerstone of the efforts that states make to link workforce development with plans for sustainable economic progress.  Putting lifelong learning into practice will continue to be a critical success factor, both for states as well as for individual workers.

As of 2006, the largest proportions of people aged 55+ with college degrees are located in the Northeast and West.  Among the states with the highest proportions are Washington DC, Maryland, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Jersey in the Northeast.  Colorado, New Mexico and Alaska evidence the largest proportions among Western states.

The facts provide a benchmark because they help describe states today.  State leaders can begin to consider the intended outcomes of possible action steps if they assess how a particular program or policy might affect a certain statistic.  For example, state leaders might consider working together to expand opportunities for workers of all ages, including older workers, to enhance their work-related competencies and educational attainment.

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