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2008 News Archive

Sloan Center Releases Summary of Older Worker Engagement, Job Quality, Health, Well-being

26 November 2008—There are many stereotypes regarding the plight of older workers, but this new research funded in part by the Sloan Center on Aging & Work dispels the myth of older worker disengagement and focuses on the real situations of worker health and well-being employed by "CitiSales," a company recognized by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) for its focus on older employees.

Older Workers Need Support for Employment, Retirement

24 November 2008—For many older men and women, Social Security payments will not be enough to live on during their retirement.  Studies indicate that many do not have sufficient equity or savings to cover retirement, even without the current financial crisis.

Minding the Gap Between US Employees/Employers

14 November 2008—Train passengers in the UK are cautioned to mind the gap between the platform and the train. Similarly, when considering the quality of employment, there are many gaps employers and employees should be aware of.

Older and Out of Work: The Job Search

23 October 2008—Most older American workers who lose their jobs in the troubled U.S. economy will receive little or no advance notice of their layoff, little or no severance, limited assistance in terms of unemployment insurance and few resources to assist in their reemployment.

Sloan Center Issue Brief on Older Workers Cited

15 October 2008—"Unemployment has been increasing nationwide and last month stood at 6.1 percent. Nebraska's unemployment rate was 3.5 percent in August, the latest figure available"—Joe Ruff of the Omaha World-Herald quotes Sloan Center research.

Consider Skilled Retirees, Older Workers to Fill Work-force Shortage

11 October 2008—Between 2002 and 2012 there will be only a 1% increase in the labor force participation of people aged 20 to 24; Frank Burns of Federal cites Sloan Center Research. 

Older and Out of Work: The Job Search

22 September 2008—Examining the impact of unemployment on older Americans, authors claim that "layoffs will be a cruel fact of life for many older workers. They face far tougher challenges as they seek to return to work than their younger counterparts."

Grant Will Fuel Sloan Center’s Global Initiatives

20 July 2008—The centerpiece of the grant will be within the Center's Global Initiatives program.  This summer the center research team will embark on a series of cross-national comparative studies, putting the center's work in the global perspectives of today's talent management while encouraging workplace adoption of quality employment for the multi-generational workforce.

Center on Aging & Work Receives $3.5 Million from Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

18 June 2008—The Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College receives its second major grant $3.5 Million. The grant ensures the next three years of work at the center and confirms the success of the center’s employer and academic engagement strategy.

Minding the Gap: Center Convenes Global Colloquia in London

16 June 2008—Center Director Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes presented Minding the Gap: Talent Management, Employee Priorities and Remaining an Employer-of-Choice, encouraging discussion on how changing age demographics are impacting UK and European employers.

Governments of 20 Countries Ahead of U.S. In Promoting Workplace Flexibility

28 May 2008—In the context of U.S. demographic and economic changes, an explicit right to request flexible work could play an important role in preparing the U.S. economy for the future.

Aging & Work Seizes Global Challenge

21 May 2008—Just as the 21st century knowledge economy has been expanding globally, so have the Center's interests. This month, the Center on Aging & Work is announcing its Global Initiatives, a partnership with the Middlesex University Business School in London.

Director Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes Guest on Experience Talks

15 April 2008—Joined by filmmaker Errol Morris, Civic Ventures CEO/Founder Marc Freedman and artist John Outterbridge, Director Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes discusses retirement in the second half of life.

New Study: States Need 50+ Workers for Economic Vitality

2 April 2008—According to a new policy brief by the Boston College Center on Aging & Work and AARP, the future vitality of the commonwealth will likely depend on 50-plus workers, and it’s down to state leadership to capitalize on the coming age wave.

Do 50+ Workers Want to Stay in the Workforce? What are Employers' Top HR Challenges?

18 March 2008—Now, in addition to browsing downloadable fact sheets on today's multi-generational workforce, employers and researchers affiliated with the Center on Aging & Work will be able to search our easy-to-access Aging & Work Facts database of important workforce facts, tables and charts to answer questions like these. 

Toward a Multi-generational Workforce

13 February 2008—A new institute of the Center on Aging & Work will help states recognize the aging public sector workforce as a potential economic asset, say directors Mick Smyer and Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes, shown here with staffers (rear, L-R) Tay McNamara and Michelle Wong.