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The Wise Old Owl: Retirees Returning To Work | Politics and Opinion, Arundel Voice

10 July 2014—Center is mentioned on

“Older workers are more likely to have higher levels of engagement than younger workers.” This stunning conclusion about employee engagement, meaning the desire to get the job done “with excellence,” comes from the Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College, well-known for its research on how age affects people’s employment experiences. This determination was reported in its 2009 study, “Engaging the 21st Century Multi-generational Workforce: Findings from the Age & Generations Study,” in which 3,500 employees participated. Baby boomers are largely responsible. The Sloan Center reported that boomers account for $3.8 trillion in annual spending and by 2015 will be spending up to $4.6 trillion. In addition, boomers, with their “new ideas about late career work and the postponement of retirement,” have debunked the myth that as workers age, they become less engaged. ...

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