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How Levels of Engagement in Work, Volunteering & Caregiving Affect Well-Being | InvestigAge, Institute on Aging

2 July 2014—A recent paper, Differential Impact of Multiple Levels of Productive Activity Engagement on Psychological Well-Being in Middle and Later Life by Christina Matz-Costa, Elyssa Besen, Jacquelyn James, and Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes was highlighted in the issue of InvestigAge.

A recent study in The Gerontologist examined how psychological well-being is impacted by different types of engagement in productive activities, such as paid work, family caregiving, and volunteering. The study looked at this relationship for 330 adults in both middle and late life (ages 50 to 83, with an average age of 62), and examined what levels of engagement were associated with greater or worse psychological well-being. Four levels of engagement—none, low, medium, and high—were compared for paid work, volunteering, and caregiving. ...

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