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8 Reasons To Choose to Work, Not to Retire | Zest Now

27 April 2014—Center's survey was mentioned on

New research questions whether, in order to be happy, we should shelve the idea of traditional retirement. Activities with meaningful involvement and connections with other people are closely linked to life satisfaction after 60. Lost daily contact with co-workers and business contacts can be very disorienting.

  1. Working Past Retirement Age Can Make People Happier
    Brookings Institute found a “happiness premium” among older workers working full-time or voluntarily employed part-time. Those past retirement age, who were working full-time or voluntarily, part-time, were more satisfied with their health, as well as happier, than their retired counterparts.
  2. Working is Valuable Because of Relationships
    Forbes reports on a survey by The Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College. "The 50+ workers surveyed said the most important element for a quality job wasn’t pay and benefits (that ranked third). It was “promotion of constructive relationships at the workplace,” which basically means receiving support from your supervisors and coworkers."

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