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Changing the Paradigm of Boomers and Retirement | Encore Tampa Bay

15 April 2014—Sloan Center's survey was mentioned on

Last week, Marc Freedman was awarded the Social Entrepreneur of the Year at the World Economic Forum. Freedman is the founder of (formerly Civic Ventures) and a primary thought leader for the encore social change movement.

Marc Freedman’s latest article focuses on the confusion and ongoing contradictions of the “structural lag” that drastically changes individual’s lives related to work and retirement. Social institutions, organizations and public policy seem to be stuck in the “Del Webb era” of a life of leisure while at the same time, our country is experiencing a 50% increase in the percentage of Americans 65 and older continuing to work in some capacity. For those stuck in the old paradigm, boomers that choose a life of leisure are viewed as a drain on our economy and society. On the other hand, the growing surge of older Americans staying in the workforce are viewed as “greedy geezers” occupying jobs better suited for a younger worker. ...

A recent survey by SHRM and AARP found that 60% of human resource executives are implementing new practices in all of the above areas. A Sloan Center of Work and Aging (Boston College) study described best practices such as workplace flexibility, retooling , phased retirement, job role shift programs, part-time on-call and Encore on-call where retirees come back to do project work, consulting or mentoring. ...

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