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Remaining fair and balanced with a multi-generational workforce | Ceridian

2 April 2014—Jacquelyn James, Center's co-director of research was mentioned on ceridian blog.

If companies are going to find success with managing diverse groups of young and old workers, they need to do one thing first: Take all those stereotypes in their heads about age and throw them out the window. Everything you think you know about the aging process, forget it.

Anyone in a corporate environment, whether an HR employee or anyone else, can get into trouble by thinking too much in generalizations. Every employee is different, and their behaviors might not fall into people’s preconceived notions about what they should be.

According to CareerBuilder, the old cliche that “age is only a number” really does hold true. After all, some people follow different trajectories in their lives than society might expect. Jacquelyn James of the Sloan Center on Aging and Work at Boston College explained this principle.

“Somebody in their forties, for example, can be a grandmother for the first time or a brand new parent for the first time – that’s a life stage difference that matters a whole lot more than age,” James told the news source. “Somebody who’s 50 years old getting ready to go out there on the job market would be an early-career person.”

The bottom line is that career credentials matter more than age, and each worker’s resume is different...

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