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Why some people choose work over retirement | Yahoo! Finance

1 April 2014—Jacquelyn B. James, co-director of the center was mentioned on

When Denny Jensen retired at age 64 from his job as a senior vice president of product development at Visa International in 2004, he expected a long and satisfying retirement. He and his wife moved from Silicon Valley to Sparks, Nev., outside of Lake Tahoe, and planned on boating, playing golf and relaxing.

Instead Jensen found stopping work stultifying. He spent too much time "sitting around with nothing to do. I missed the challenge of working with highly skilled people and making something happen," he says. Volunteering didn't do it for him. Eventually he acquired a business to stay energized and generate some income....

Many people consider retirement an extended vacation, "but vacations are only fun because we have work to return to," says Jacquelyn James, co-director of research at The Sloan Center on Aging and Work at Boston College. "With retirement, there's nothing to go back to."

For many people who keep working, work centers their life. It offers "structure for the day, a social network and feeling needed," James says. "Retirees need to replace those motivators with a blend of part-time work, volunteer activities or civic engagement and leisure activities."

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