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Providing Services for Seniors Beckons Older Entrepreneurs | Supermedia

14 March 2014—Kevin E. Cahill, Center's research economist was quoted on supermedia.


Hannon writes that labor statistics show demand for dietitians, nutritionists, massage therapists, drivers, handymen, and cooks who prepare meals for homebound elderly is already high, and will increase as boomers age. She cited a Pew Research Center projection that by 2050, the nation’s population of people 65 and older will more than more than double, to 86 million from 41 million in 2010.

Ready to meet that demand are those among armies of workers who are hitting their late 50s or early 60s but are not yet ready to think about leaving the workforce.

Kevin E. Cahill, an economist at Boston College’s Sloan Center on Aging and Work, told Hannon, “It’s no secret that retirement is a very diverse process for older Americans, with some combination of phased retirement and bridge jobs being the norm among older career workers.”

“About 60 percent of the career workers take on a part-time job after exiting their main career,” Mr. Cahill said. “And many older Americans not only change occupations, but in large numbers they also transition from wage-and-salary employment into self-employment.”

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