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The Pros and Cons of Making Your Work-at-Home Employees Clock In | Your City Office

21 February 2014—Center's research was mentioned on

Disadvantages of Clocking In for Employers

While requiring your employees to clock in gives you a better idea of when they are working, paying your employees hourly in this manner can sometimes harm productivity. While clocking in allows you to keep track of when people are working, it doesn’t actually tell you anything about how productive they are. In fact, studies have found that flexible working hours actually boost employee productivity. (“Flexible working arrangements boost productivity: Survey”, The Economic Times; “Focus on Workplace Flexibility”, Boston College Sloan Center on Aging and Work)

For many modern work-at-home employees, the 9-5 schedule simply does not provide enough flexibility, and as a result, productivity often suffers when employees are expected to follow a rigid work schedule.

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