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Oldest workers are most engaged in their jobs | The Patriot Ledger

Sue Scheible's blog of mentioned:

" Among the generations in the workplace, "traditionalists," defined as those workers born prior to 1946, have the highest level of engagement on their jobs, at 41 percent engagement. These older workers represent 4 percent of the working population in 2012.

They are followed by 33% for Millennials, who comprise 8% of 2012's working population.

Of those in Generation X, 28% are engaged, compared with 26% of Baby Boomers.

Baby Boomers have the lowest level of engagement, and they have the highest level of active disengagement—nearly one in four are actively disengaged.

The Boston College Sloan Center on Aging and Work cites a 2013 Gallup survey in issuing this Labor Day report."