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When the Boomers Go—

20 July 2012—Thanks to its sheer size, the baby-boom generation has had an enormous impact on society and the economy at every stage of its development. The present time is no exception, as Americans born between 1946 and 1964, currently accounting for one-third of the workforce, begin to enter their golden years. Many boomers are postponing retirement — their nest eggs are too small, or they still have family to support, or they simply prefer to keep working. But many others are ready to retire, and sooner or later, the boomers will be leaving the workplace in droves.

When they do, employers face the loss of all that experience, all that institutional and subject-matter knowledge and expertise.


Out and Still About
Another way to bridge the skills gap is to hire boomers who have retired from their old jobs but still want to work. "Almost half of adults aged 65 to 69 receive wages, salaries, or income from self-employment," points out Samantha Greenfield, employer engagement specialist at The Sloan Center on Aging & Work.

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