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In the News Archive 2012

Starting Over: The Rise of the Older Entrepreneur -

27 December 2012— The Biggest Employment Trend in the Past 100 Years

Silver-collar economy: Kalamazoo-area workers follow national trend in putting off retirement -

23 December 2012— "I do think that a lot of people who are approaching later in life these days are thinking differently about the future of retirement," said Jacquelyn James, director of research at the Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College. "People are living longer, and how many years do you want to play golf?"

Should You Work During Retirement? -

14 December 2012— Simply working for the sake of money did little to improve seniors' psychological, mental or physical states, but those who loved what they were doing enjoyed greater overall well-being.

Great Places to Launch a Retirement Career -

19 November 2012— Seniors are increasingly choosing to work during the traditional retirement years

Beat the Clock: Develop Workers Now to Replace an Aging Workforce -

19 November 2012— Put a strategy in place to replace aging employees before they exit the construction workplace

Where the jobs are for mature workers -

13 November 2012— “Banks and insurance companies have been forward-thinking about the need to think about the aging workforce and what that means for their organizations,” said Jacquelyn B. James, director of research at Boston College’s Sloan Center on Aging and Work.

Think You Know an Employee’s ‘Age’? Don’t Be So Sure -

5 November 2012— A recent study unearths myriad ways to look at a person’s age. Consider this to drive engagement and performance.

Leadership Coaching: Cultivate Employee And Customer Loyalty To Grow Your Business -

26 October 2012— The recession indeed impacts employee engagement as indicated in a study conducted by Boston College's Sloan Center On Aging and Work.

2012 National Ergonomics Conference and Expo (ErgoExpo) Grows -

23 October 2012— The 18th Annual National Ergonomics Conference and Exposition (ErgoExpo), the largest ergonomics event in the nation, will be held at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Dec. 4 – 7, 2012.

For Older Workers, Here Is Where the Jobs Will Be—

22 October 2012—Banks and insurance companies have been forward-thinking about…the aging workforce and what that means for their organizations," says Jacquelyn B. James, director of research at Boston College's Sloan Center on Aging and Work.


12 October 2012—Dr. Pitt-Catsouphes participates in the CatholicTV: THIS IS THE DAY

The silver-collar economy —

9 October 2012—More companies are hiring people 65 and older because they believe they are reliable and productive, while the seniors themselves need – and want – to work. But is the trend squeezing out young people?

Should You Be Counting on the Social Security Trust Fund?—

19 September 2012—In a recent post on the AGEnda blog and in the Huffington Post, Dr. Kevin Cahill addresses the viability and real economic assets of the Social Security Trust Fund.

Workplace Challenges of Osteoarthritis Rising With Aging Baby Boomers, Obesity—

10 September 2012—Osteoarthritis is certain to be a bigger workplace challenge in the next decade for two reasons: the entire baby boom generation reaching their 50s, 60s, and 70s, and the enormous increase in obesity over the last 35 years, Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes, director of the Sloan Center on Work and Aging at Boston College, told BNA.

The Best Life—

7 September 2012—The Sloan Center for Aging & Work at Boston College regularly interviews groups of employees to better understand the impact of an aging population on workplace and societal roles.

The good news about retiring later—

5 September 2012—Kevin Cahill describes the three most common pillars of retirement income: Social Security, private pensions and individual savings.  More »

Phased retirement poised to become more common in Washington region—

5 September 2012—“Flexibility is the new normal,” said Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes, director of the Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College. “It’s not that everybody’s doing it all the time, but this isn’t such a jarring concept.”  More »

The Silver-Collar Economy—

3 September 2012—Jackie James, director of research at Boston College's Sloan Center on Aging & Work, says some employers view older workers as less flexible and less interested in learning new skills. But, ...  More »

COMMENTARY: Age bias a growing problem in the insurance industry—

2 September 2012—Ageism also can make employees of every age feel less interested and complacent in their jobs, according to new research by Sloan Center on Aging and Work at Boston College. More »

AARP: Boomers’ Retirement Concerns Not Being Addressed in Presidential Race—

22 August 2012—The anxiety level experienced by the baby boom generation is high, according to a recent survey by AARP. .... More »

8 Steps for Closing the Skills Gap—

21 August 2012—According to Boston College's Sloan Center on Aging & Work, 40 percent of employers are worried about how the qualified worker shortage impacts their company's bottom line... More »

Kevin E. Cahill, Senior Economist, Discusses Retirement Income At Eurofound’s Workshop in Brussels—

17 August 2012—At Eurofound's "Income from Work after Retirement" expert workshop in Brussels, Belgium, Dr. Cahill addressed the retirement income landscape in the United States.. More »

Boise gets new economic consulting group—

24 July 2012—ECONorthwest, the largest economic consulting firm in the Pacific Northwest, is located in the Banner Bank building at Ninth and Bannock streets in Boise. More »

The Good News About Women Working After 60—

24 July 2012—A fascinating new book finds that female professionals in this age group are satisfied with their jobs and lives.  More »

When the Boomers Go—

20 July 2012—The coming retirement of the baby boomers could leave businesses short of critical knowledge and skills. Make sure that doesn't happen to your company.  More »

It's boom time for senior services—

13 July 2012—As the first baby boomers arrive at the traditional retirement age of 65, senior services are in growing demand and in flux. More »

Framingham author signs copies of her new book —

13 July 2012—Fideler, a research fellow at the Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College, describes how women are choosing to continue working instead of retiring. More »

Author Elizabeth Fideler finds professional women still at work after age 65—

10 July 2012—WOMEN’S WORK: Four years ago, Elizabeth Fideler of Framingham was conducting education research when her grant ran out and the job ended. More »

Bias Against Older Workers Decreases Engagement—In Younger Workers! —

28 June 2012—Jacquelyn B. James, PhD, Sharon McKechnie, PhD, and Elyssa Besen surveyed over 4,000 retail employees aged 18 to 94 about whether older workers are as likely to be promoted as younger workers; whether older workers are able to adapt to new technology; and so on. More »

Working Longer: Creating a 21st Century Workplace for the 21st Century Workforce—

8 June 2012—According to the Boston College Center on Aging and Work, 40 percent of employers worry that the aging of the workforce will have negative or very negative impacts on their businesses. Many employers and employees worry about conflict between older and younger workers, who are often seen as in competition for the same jobs. More »

Is ageism widespread in the workplace?—

8 June 2012—Age discrimination lawsuits have been increasing over the last five years, and those are just the people who decide to take legal action. More »

Older job seekers targeted by Mass. Legislature—

7 June 2012—In a 2008 policy brief, the Center on Aging & Work at Boston College said lawmakers and policy makers should do more to help unemployed older workers because it could affect long-term economic growth. More »

Study: Workplace Ageism is Rampant—

7 June 2012—Companies have made great strides toward eliminating racism and sexism in the workplace, but ageism is a different story. More »

Sandwich Generation: Old Story, New Problem—

1 June 2012—Increasing numbers of older adults are involved in care giving and financial support of their parents, spouses, adult children and grandchildren... more »

Retirement Retirees Taking Early Social Security Benefits Hits 35-Year Low —

1 June 2012—Older workers offer many things that are unique and extremely valuable to employers, not least of which is a lifetime of experience. ... more »

Old Guys (and Girls) Rule—

23 May 2012—The Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College reported that those who worked past retirement age became more, rather than less, engaged and satisfied ... more »

Providing Flex Options to Older Workers Yields Strategic Benefits —

21 May 2012—New research describes best practices for using the talent and experience of older workers

Balancing Act: Older workers face challenges—

14 May 2012—The self-marketing expected of young up-and-comers becomes even more crucial for older workers.

Aging Workers—

4 May 2012—Changing economy gives seniors different options

Older executives face challenges in the workplace—

2 May 2012—Some question whether older leaders can stay edgy and innovative in this digital age. But those doing just that say age is irrelevant.

Looking beyond the immediate to an economic vision—

27 April 2012—How do we create positive action from our demographic reality? Can we benefit from the growth of a mature work force?

Providing flex options to older workers yields strategic benefits—

23 April 2012—A report by the Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College points to wide-ranging flexible workplace options that can retain older workers, ...

Why Learning Leads to Happiness?—

13 April 2012—Education, engagement, and creativity produce happier and longer lives

When Will You Retire?—

9 April 2012—Some employees need to wait years longer than they’d planned to retire, while others retire only to return to work for either financial or personal reasons....

Older Workers Wooed by Flexible Schedules —

4 April 2012—Does your company offer flexible work options for older employees? Would you like to see more such options in your office? A new report could help your managers see the light.

How Companies Misfire on Flexible Schedules for Older Workers —

2 April 2012—The recession may have slowed the pace at which older employees are leaving the workforce. But the brain drain remains a real threat.

Redesign the Workplace for Happier, Healthier Employees—

30 March 2012—A 2011 study from the Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College found that workers 40 and older are the most engaged and the most committed to their employers, while workers 50 and older are the most satisfied.

Seniors Rise in Work Force After Slump—

27 March 2012—After the recession thinned the ranks of employed New Yorkers, one group has emerged from the downturn with improved standing in the labor force—older workers.

Later retirements call for new transition strategies—

23 March 2012—Many Canadians expect they will need to work past age 65. This is creating both challenges and opportunities,...

Not Retired: Will Older Baby Boomers Find Jobs?—

14 March 2012—Kevin Cahill, economist at the Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College, points to the smaller number of workers following the boomers: “The demographics suggest employers will have no choice but to hire older workers.”...

Changing Workforce, Changing Job Hunting Skills—

13 March 2012—Few studies about labor force growth and change have captured the nation’s attention as did the Hudson Institute’s 1987 report, ...

Hot Topics: 227,000 New Jobs, Springsteen Redux—

12 March 2012—The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics reports today that the economy added 227,000 new jobs in February, ...

Tough times keep older workers from retiring—

22 February 2012—More Americans are working into their so-called golden years, and experts say a combination of economic factors will sustain this trend in the near future.

Older Workers Staying On The Job—

20 February 2012—The American workforce just keeps aging. Here’s one more signal that our working years are expanding before our very eyes.

Caregiving’s Sunny Side

17 February 2012— -- A new study from the Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College reveals that older Americans who are highly engaged in caregiving have enhanced well-being. In fact, it rates right up there with paid work, education and training, and volunteering. The study measured levels of engagement in these four areas.

Hot Topics: Debunking the Flex Time Myth

17 February 2012—Corporate flex-work programs -- often cited as a way for companies to hang onto midlife and boomer workers -- aren't as widespread as they appear, according to Stephen Sweet, a visiting scholar at Boston College's Sloan Center on Aging & Work.

Behind the Hype: The Myth of Flexible Work Hours

10 February 2012—Data from recent surveys, Stephen Sweet, an organizational studies expert at the Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College, concluded that corporations have hyped these benefits to absurd levels...

Baby Boomers To Blame For U.S. Job Market Weakness: Study —

10 February 2012—According to a recent study by Boston College's Sloan Center on Aging & Work. The center found that people age 50 and 64 who were involved in paid employment had significantly higher wellbeing scores than those who were not....

SCORE's Reputation #1 Reason Potential Entrepreneurs Seek Advice According to U.S. Small Business Administration—

10 February 2012—According to a report by The Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College, self-employment among the working population increases substantially as workers approach traditional retirement age...

Dardenne says Louisiana workers do not want to retire—

10 February 2012—Mature workers are an untapped labor resource that can help relieve critical skill shortages in a workplace,...

Older workers, younger bosses: It’s inevitable, but is it regrettable?—

10 February 2012—In most workplaces, long-established norms hold that older workers manage younger workers. As the workforce becomes increasingly multigenerational, it's important to ask if violating these norms is disruptive to morale and productivity. Older workers don't like working for younger bosses. Right?..

Baby Boomers breaking tradition on retirement—

3 February 2012—Retirement from a 20-year teaching career lasted five months for Joan Breen of Winneconne.

Retirement doesn't suit seniors—

3 February 2012—When Frank Pascarelli was a senior at Hofstra University interviewing for a management job with Sears Roebuck, he was told he would receive such a substantial retirement package that he would never have to work a day over 55.

Why retire? Drive to keep working a trend among baby boomers—

27 January 2012—When Frank Pascarelli was a senior at Hofstra University interviewing for a management job with Sears Roebuck, he was told he would receive such a substantial retirement package that he would never have to work a day over 55.

Working Hard at Retirement Pays Off—

27 January 2012—Retirees who become deeply involved in their post-work activities tend to be more fulfilled, a new study finds.

Seniors decide retirement doesn't suit them, keep working—

27 January 2012—Baby Boomers are working past conventional retirement age, a trend fueled by the economy, improved health and a desire to stay engaged.

Working in Retirement Can Benefit Retirees if It's Enjoyable Occupation—

27 January 2012—We’ve been moving away from the notion of retirement as a carefree period of leisure for at least a couple decades. It started with the longevity revolution. Willfully fading away to irrelevance makes no sense when you realize that you have another 30 years.

Public Policy & Aging E-Newsletter—

25 January 2012—WHAT'S HAPPENING ABROAD? (Section V)—A new Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College study examines work experiences of employees across 11 countries.

No One Wants a Younger Boss... Or Do They?—

20 January 2012—Generally, workers who described their supervisors as younger than them viewed their supervisors as less supportive as compared to workers who described their supervisors as older than them.

Another day older, and still at work—

13 January 2012—Loreta Stampley spends her workdays talking to other senior citizens, not about grandchildren and travel plans but how to get a job that pays the bills.

State needs Millennials to enter public service—

13 January 2012—It's time for Wisconsin to face a stark reality: We are old and getting older. According to the Department of Administration's Demographic Services Center, the state's median age (37.6) is older than the national average (36.4), and our 65-plus age group will grow dramatically as the baby boomers...

Unemployed Seniors Struggle to Find Work—

6 January 2012—Sitting in the waiting room on the fourth floor of the New York Department of Human Resources in Harlem, Mozel Williams, 77, is applying for food stamps for the first time in her life. “I was always able to provide for myself. This is the first time I’ve had to apply for anything,” she says, ...