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8 in 10 workers ages 50-59 say they could perform same job in 10 years

"At least 80% of workers ages 50-59 say that they will be able to perform the same job in ten years. Self-assessed future ability is higher among college graduates in this age group than non-college graduates, with non-college graduates more likely to expect future physical limitations and college graduates more likely to expect future mental limitations," according to a 2017 analysis of data from a RAND survey. (p. 12 and fig. 3.1)
Maestas, N., Mullen, K. J., Powell, D., von Wachter, T., & Wenger, J. B. (2017). Working conditions in the United States: Results of the 2015 American Working Conditions Survey. Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corporation. Retrieved from this source.
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10 October 2017
1 in 5 workers aged 50+ looked for a new job in the past year

03 October 2017
3 in 10 couples or unmarried persons age 65+ earned income from wages and salaries in 2015

26 September 2017
Almost half of Boomers who provide unpaid caregiving are employed or self-employed

19 September 2017
1 in 10 adults age 45-64 had no health insurance in 2016


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