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More than a quarter of retirees have worked for pay after retiring



"More than a quarter of retirees [26%] have worked for pay after retiring." Of those, 18% worked part-time, 5% worked seasonally or sporadically, 2% worked full-time, and 1% worked both full- and part-time, according to an AARP analysis of data from the 2016 EBRI Retirement Confidence Survey. (p. 23)
Williams, A. R., & Harrison, E. W. (2016). 2016 retirement confidence survey: A secondary analysis of findings from respondents age 50+. Washington DC: AARP. Retrieved from this source.
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09 May 2017
4 in 10 non-retirees expect to move to a less expensive city or town when they retire

02 May 2017
9 in 10 retirees who continue working do so to stay active and involved

25 April 2017
Working-poor rate for workers aged 55-64 is about 3%

18 April 2017
3 in 10 retirees have worked for pay in retirement


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