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1 in 10 workers aged 50+ feel their work has no positive impact on society


Among all US workers, 15% report no feeling of making a positive impact on community or society through their work. Younger workers [under age 50] are twice as likely as older workers [age 50+] to report no feeling of positive impact (19.0% versus 9.6%), according to the 2016 American Working Conditions survey.  (p. 7 and Table 3)
        Maestas, N., Mullen, K., Powell, D., Wenger, J. B., & von Wachter, T. M. (2016). 2015 American working conditions survey: First findings. (Working Paper No. WP 2016-342). Ann Arbor, MI: Michigan Retirement Research Center, University of Michigan. Retrieved from this source.
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28 November 2016
6% of adults aged 50+ earned money using digital platforms to take on “gig” work

21 November 2016
About 1 in 5 workers under and over age 50 regularly work very long hours

14 November 2016
116 out of 10000 workers aged 55-64 had work-related injuries/illness requiring days away from work in 2015

07 November 2016
4 in 10 households age 55+ have housing debt


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