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About 1 in 5 workers under and over age 50 regularly work very long hours


"17.9% of American workers regularly work very long hours--more than 10 hours per day for more than 10 days per month, according to the 2016 American Working Conditions survey. While younger workers (those younger than 50) are slightly more likely than older workers (those 50 and older) to work long hours (18.8% versus 16.4%), this difference is statistically insignificant. (p. 6)
        Maestas, N., Mullen, K., Powell, D., Wenger, J. B., & von Wachter, T. M. (2016). 2015 American working conditions survey: First findings. (Working Paper No. WP 2016-342). Ann Arbor, MI: Michigan Retirement Research Center, University of Michigan. Retrieved from this source.
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14 November 2016
116 out of 10000 workers aged 55-64 had work-related injuries/illness requiring days away from work in 2015

07 November 2016
4 in 10 households age 55+ have housing debt

31 October 2016
Half of women aged 65-69 who are in the labor force are working full-time

24 October 2016
At age 62 and again at age 65, labor force participation drops by 5% for women and 7% for men


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