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Fact of the Week: 23 December 2013

9 out of 10 Older Workers Say They Are Continuing to Grow in Their Work

Among employed adults aged 45-74, 91% agree with the statement 'I am proud to work for the company that employs me'. Other statements about work-life reported by older workers include: 'I am continuing to grow in my work' (87%), 'my job is an important part of who I am' (83%), 'I plan to stay at my current job until I am ready to fully retire from working' (82%), and 'there is a lot I still plan to accomplish in my work' (79%)", according to a 2013 AARP survey of workers aged 45-74.
AARP. (2013). Staying ahead of the curve 2013: AARP multicultural work and career study. Snapshot of the wants and needs of older workers -- ages 45-74 (revised). Washington, DC: AARP. Retrieved from
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