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Fact of the Week: 8 April 2013

fact of the week

3 out of 4 Employers Offer Dependent Care FSA’s; Other Eldercare Benefits Much Less Common

Almost three-quarters (72%) of organizations offered dependent care flexible spending accounts, which can be applied to eldercare. Other eldercare benefits include elder care referral service (10%), geriatric counseling (3%), elder care assisted living assessments (2%), elder care in-home assessments (2%), on-site elder care fairs (2%), access to backup elder care services in the case of an unexpected event (1%) and on-ramping programs for family members dealing with elder care issues (1%),” according to the 2012 EBRI Employee Benefits survey of HR managers of 550 organizations.

SHRM. (2012). 2012 employee benefits report: The employee benefits landscape in a recovering economy. Alexandria, VA: Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Retrieved from

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