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Fact of the Week: 18 February 2013

fact of the week

Less Than 5% of Older Adults
Make Long-distance Relocations
when Retiring or Taking a Bridge Job

"Long-distance relocations were uncommon following full-time career employment, as less than one in twenty career workers moved to a new Census Division. Moves that involved a change in 'area' or change in residence, however, were much more common, with a frequency at the time of transition from career employment of about 9 percent and 15 percent, respectively," according to a 2012 analysis of data from the Health and Retirement Study.

Cahill, K. E., Giandrea, M. D., & Quinn, J. F. (2012). The relationship between work decisions and location later in life. (BLS Working Paper No. 458). Washington, DC: Bureau of Labor Statistics. Retrieved from

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