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Fact of the Week: 24 September 2012

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Among Older Workers Who Were
Displaced During the Recession,
Less Than Half Are Reemployed

Among workers who were displaced during the recession [2009 - 2011], "reemployment rates were about 62% for workers ages 20 to 54. Reemployment rates were lower for older workers. The rates for those ages 55 to 64 and 65 years and over were 47% and 24%, respectively. Among those age 65 and over, 49% were no longer in the labor force when surveyed in January 2012," according to a 2012 analysis of Current Population Survey data.

Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2012). Worker displacement: 2009-2011. (Economic News Release No. USDL-12-1719). Washington, DC: Bureau of Labor Statistics. Retrieved from

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